•  Earning better GRADES

•  Experiencing HIGHER SELF-ESTEEM
•  Learning how to set & ACHIEVE GOALS
•  Not to mention making NEW FRIENDS and...
•  ...having tons of FUN!

•  Weekly themes

•  Nonstop Action

​​This AWESOME Camp serves families in Melbourne, Palm Bay and Suntree

FIELD TRIP cost included!

Bom Dia!! (Good day) 

Melbourne Capoeira is now accepting applicants for our 2018 Camps. Our camp offers children an exciting alternative to standard camps. We pride ourselves on providing a top quality martial arts program where your child will become more fit, focused, and self-confident! 


Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines dance and music with acrobatics and play. It teaches discipline, self-defense, and physical fitness while promoting creativity and self-expression. It is considered one of the top all-around strength, flexibility and aerobic exercises. Training is geared towards all ages, athletic levels and best of all, no experience is needed. 

4195 West New Haven Ave Suite 13

Melbourne FL 32904 US


General information

Parents like you have attributed our program with their child:

  1. •  Enrolling ages 5-12
  2. •  must pack 2 snacks & 1 lunch daily
  3. •  CAMP HOURS: 7:30 am – 5:30 pm 
  4. •  Registration: $25.00 (A free camp shirt)
  5. • WEEKLY Tuition: $160
  6. •  Field trip costs included 

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Our AWESOME 2018 Capoeira Summer Camp includes: 

Camp at Melbourne Capoeira works hand in hand with your efforts as a parent, providing the Life Skills necessary for your child to be THE BEST THEY CAN BE! Each day is full of safe and fun activities designed to challenge and educate. 

$145 per session (Early Bird Discount)

$160 per session  

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Not Just Kicks and Flips!

Some of our AMAZING field trip locations!!

Melbourne After School

•  Themed weeks of fun and exciting activities! 

•  Capoeira, music and acrobatics training!

•  Field Trips (swimming, skating, park days!)

•  Arts & Crafts, Games, intro to sports and fitness!

•  Leadership Experiences 

•  Anti-Bullying Workshop

•  Special guest workshops and activities